The Botw Datapack v1.3

The Breath of the Wild Datapack brings the legend of Zelda to your Minecraft world! This datapack adds lots of new naturally generating structures and mobs to the game including:
  • Ruins
  • Sheikah Towers
  • Bokoblin Camps
  • Sheikah Tech labs

You'll fight Bokoblins and Guardians, while you obtain tons of new items, like the Sheikah Slate with all its modules or fully functional elemental arrow and rods
Includes optifine lighting features!

How to install

ⓘ This download contains the datapack AND the resourcepack
  1. Download the datapack and open up the .zip folder
  2. Locate your .minecraft folder by typing in %appdata%
  3. Put the botwRP folder into your resourcepacks and select it ingame
  4. Choose your desired world and put the botw folder into its datapack folder


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